SAP Analytics Roadmap or Statement of Direction

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SAP Analytics Cloud is SAP’s strategic analytics & planning offering and is changing the way customers run their business, by allowing them to analyze their data in context and to make better and faster decisions. Here we explain the SAP Analytics Roadmap, or statement of direction, including what it means for SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP Business Objects.

The integration of BI, planning and predictive in one native cloud solution allows to move from insight to action, brings analytics closer to the point of decision, and provides trusted insights from customers’ most valuable data.

However, SAP have now made a clear statement about BusinessObjects which includes continued support for enterprise reporting use cases beyond 2030 with the announcement of the new version 2025 to follow the current 4.3. release.

Business Objects in the Cloud

In conjunction with the BusinessObjects 2025 announcement, SAP have also reaffirmed in the SAP Analytics Roadmap their commitment to providing cloud editions of BusinessObjects over the same timeframe:

“As more and more customers shift their on-premises workloads to the cloud, SAP also offer SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise, private cloud edition (PCE), which runs the BI suite in a managed cloud environment operated by SAP. The public cloud subscription model for SAP Analytics Cloud and the private cloud edition of SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise provide a flexible framework to adjust the number of users on either solution, and to adopt SAP Analytics Cloud at your own pace, as usage patterns evolve over time. Many of SAP’s BusinessObjects customers already run both solutions side-by-side, during their transition to the cloud.”

SAP Analytics Roadmap Announcement

You may read all of the SAP announcement here, or ask your friendly Comset consultant to make sense of it for you.

[SAP Announcement]

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