How should I get started with Microsoft Fabric?

microsoft fabric decision guide

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Microsoft Fabric is a big deal in the world of data, Business Intelligence (BI) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). For many organizations it will mark a major departure from the way they have managed data and BI in the past.

Throughout the technology world we know people are running their early trials of Fabric, or thinking, “How do we get started with this?”.
There’s a lot to consider.

“How should I get started with Microsoft Fabric?”

Please make use of our guide to help with the main issues in adopting Microsoft Fabric, and asses your readiness to go ahead with it. In the guide we outline the steps towards your first use of Fabric, as well as taking a view of what your world will look like once your use of this technology starts to mature.

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Please download with our compliments, and as ever do drop us a note if you have any questions about Fabric, other BI tools, or your wider “World of Data”.

How to get started with Microsoft Fabric – Free Guide

What you need to consider before moving your data, BI and AI to the new Microsoft Fabric. Download our free Guide here.