Our Approach and CDIT

What is Unique about Comset’s Framework?

Comset’s CDIT Framework (Comset Data Integration Toolkit) provides a foundation that gives you confidence in your data quality.  CDIT has been in development for over a decade, and is in use by many of the UK’s largest and most sophisticated BI users.

It includes process for importing data from multiple organizational data sources:

  • Bronze layer – Loading your existing into data warehouse tables from multiple sources
  • Silver layer data – cleaning, verifying and processing your data on its journey towards being ready for use.
  • Gold data layer – this is now information grade enterprise data with an extremely high level of trust, and you can use it in multiple applications to ensure accurate and meaningful reporting for highly informed business decisions.

Throughout the above processes CDIT ensures that you have control and visibility, all data and processes are fully auditable and verifiable.  We help you with full reload, incremental load, tracking changes and moment-in-time snapshots.

Talking to businesses across the UK and around the world it’s a common experience that underlying organizational data is fragmented, exists in multiple silos.  There’s limited knowledge about the data, multiple copies of the same data, data is potentially insecure and integration is hard and expensive to do.  IT departments can spend most of their time managing the plumbing, and there’s little time to really add value to the business.

Typical Questions:

  • How are we going to take advantage of these new AI and Machine Learning technologies?  We’re nowhere near ready.
  • We spend all our time just trying to keep our existing data integrations working, and we’re not resourced enough or with the right skills to move forward into the promised world of AI and Machine learning.

CDIT and Comset’s expertise are your antidote to this, and we’ll help you methodically bring your data together, and progressively reduce the problems that the old siloed approach to data has created.

We offer pre-sales consultancy, project planning and specification, implementation, support, migrations, upgrades and maintenance.

Behind a great set of business reports and dashboards lies the need to deliver accurate and timely data from all parts of the business.  So our data specialists work on data integrations, data warehousing, transformation, cleaning and validation.

With immense experience in this industry we develop long term relationships with our clients.  Our team members are all personal and friendly as well as possessing significant technical expertise.  We make the hard jobs easy for you, help your technical and decision-making challenges to disappear, and deliver successful BI and Analytics projects time after time.

More on CDIT The Comset Data Integration Toolkit


Comset have proven expertise in industries as diverse as Banking, Construction, Agencies, Food & Beverage, Asset Management, Charity & Not for Profit, Media, Automotive and more.

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