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We’re a SAP Business Objects Consultancy of long standing, here’s a brief outline of what SAP Business Objects is, how you can benefit from it, and its roadmap for future development.

Available on premise or in the cloud, SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence tools put actionable information at users’ fingertips. SAP BusinessObjects BI tools help customers eliminate guesswork, monitor key metrics, and gain valuable insight into their customers’ behaviour.

BusinessObjects empowers business users with anytime, anywhere access to key BI insights delivered in context. You can help your customers implement a flexible business intelligence platform that will increase responsiveness, reduce IT costs and workload, improve performance, and drive better decision making across the organization.

SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence

SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence provides an integrated analysis tool for all users. It offers powerful, online and offline capabilities, and provides scheduled, personalized, operational reports to thousands of users. Accessing data directly or through the Semantic Layer, it offers self-service query and analysis for all types of users, who can then proceed to produce pixel-perfect reports and visualizations that are easy to understand and act on.

BI Launch Pad

Customers can use the BI launch pad to view and organize BI content – it is the standard web portal for users of the SAP BusinessObjects BI suite. BI launch pad runs in a web browser and is the main interface for working with content in the BI platform. 

The Central Management Console (CMC) is a web-based tool that customers use to perform administrative tasks (including user, content, and server management) and to configure security settings. Because the CMC is a web-based application, all the administrative tasks can be performed in a web browser on any computer that can connect to the Web application server.

Central Management Console

Only members of the customer’s administrator group can change management settings, unless a user is explicitly granted rights to do so. Roles can be assigned in the CMC to delegate some administration rights to a local administrator, that would for instance manage a subset of users and reports in a subset of folders.

Information Design Tool

The information design tool allows the customer to build a semantic layer. The design environment enables a designer to extract, define, and manipulate metadata from relational and OLAP sources to create and deploy SAP BusinessObjects universes. New universe (unx) development should typically be done in the information design tool, rather than the universe design tool (for unv files).

SAP Business Objects Consultancy & Roadmap

SAP Business Objects is a part of SAP Analytics Cloud, which in turn is a key component of SAP BTP – the Business Technology Platform. There’s information on the Roadmap for SAP Business Objects. We’d suggest its expedient to make use of the knowledge of a SAP Business Objects Consultancy such as Comset, as the RoadMap for Business Objects is complex, and creating a strategy for your next steps is an important Business Decision.

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