Microsoft Power BI

Power BI was launched in 2015 and became the giant in the Business Intelligence (BI) World. Familiar to millions of Microsoft business users, and with immense flexibliity and power, it remains one of the most usable and capable BI tools available.

2024 marks another significant improvement, with Power BI becoming bundled within the new Microsoft Fabric platform. Fabric is a natural but impressive evolution of Power BI, which now includes within the platform all the services that are required to gather, store, prepare and clean the data before the actual output is created in Power BI. Its now a comprehensive suite of services supporting BI, rather than just a series of stand-alone products.

And of course Microsoft have include Artificial Intelligence (AI), using their “Copilot” assistant to streamline and automate sometimes long and processes. Now you can just ask, and the AI will just do it for you.

What is Power BI?

A Power BI introduction from Microsoft

The many “Experiences” of Microsoft Fabric

Power BI is now just one of the “experiences” within Microsoft Fabric. Albeit an important one, it produces the end report. But the vast work of managing, cleaning, QA and preparation of your data for decision-grade Business Analytics, is carried out in the other experiences. Each experience represents a place where a different trade, or specialism can do their work.

Questions about Power BI

With the changing relationship between Power BI and its newer Fabric big brother, there are a lot of questions from users as to the future Roadmap for Power BI. One thing we can tell you – the Roadmap is strong.

Some of the most common we’ve had are addressed here in our Questions about Power BI page.

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