Data Activator

Automate Actions based on Real-time data

Data Activator is an all-new element in Microsoft Fabric, and it allows you to create alerts and automate actions, based on conditions in your data.  There’s been an element of this already for example in Power BI Dashboards, but this is becoming a lot more main-stream and sophisticated now in Data Activator.

One feature of Data Activator is that it typically operates on data in real time.  So while you might need to produce your KPI dashboard once a month, or a production report daily, Activator might be creating alerts on data only a few seconds old.

This has been one of the later features added to Microsoft Fabric so hasn’t been available to the regular user for long, but we can show you a couple of typical cases you would use in Activator:

  1. IoT devices or factory machines are being logged in real time.  You create an alert to send an SMS to the maintenance manager if the temperature or vibration level on any machine passes a threshold for more than 3 minutes.
  2. Your Fabric connectors consume reviews from a number of different social media and review channels.  You run a sentiment analysis and send a link to the PR team for any reviews of 1 star or less, or when the sentiment drops below a threshold. The same routine also creates a ticket in your issue management system to track the progress towards a resolution.

Microsoft have prepared a nice demonstration of Data Activator which shows an alert created whenever the temperature of a medical package out for delivery rises above a predefined level and stays there for an amount of time.

You can see there here: