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While on the face of it the MS Fabric consumption pricing model is simple, we can buy different capacity units, or amounts of processing. The challenge is always to understand, “how much capacity will we need for our data, our reports, and our requirements?”

Here’s a look at some of the key capacity-based pricing levels.

  • Free Trial: At the simplest level Microsoft have tried to make it possible for smaller businesses to use Fabric, there’s a 60-day free trial to help you get your feet wet.
  • Smallest Capacity F2: After that the lowest level of subscription is the F2 (2 capacity Units), which at the time of writing costs £210 GBP per month.
  • Intermediate Capacity F64: Though there are multiple levels in between, the F64 capacity is important, because this is the level at which Microsoft makes available its “CoPilot” solution to help you with AI-based efficiency improvements. The F64 costs £6,750 GBP per month at current prices.
  • Largest Capacity F2048: At the top level the F2048 (2048 capacity units) will give the capability of massive processing of big data and LLM models, but costs slightly over £216,000 GBP per month.
  • Storage: There’s an additional Fabric storage charge of £0.02 (2p) per GB per month.

Fabric Pricing:

There are a number of calculators that can be used if you know the amount of data and the type of processing you’ll be doing, but these can require a lot of foreknowledge as to what you will end up doing in there.

Or you may prefer to start small and see what you need. the challeenge with this approach is that if your needs will be significant, this could make budgeting hard.

Another way of purchasing Microsoft Fabric is through Power BI licensing.

With Power BI you can have:

  • Power BI Free license: You can make all sorts of rich and dynamic reports, but with limited ability to share or collaborate.
  • Pro license:  Brings in the ability to share and collaborate across an organization.  Costs currently $15 USD or £12.35 GBP per pro-user per month.
  • Premium license: This is where you purchase a dedicated capacity for your Fabric workloads, typically used for big Data and Machine learning processes at scale.  Microsoft Fabric subscription is included where you purchase an F64 subscription or above, but you will need Pro licenses to be able to publish to your premium Power BI capacity.  Premium capacities start at $7,475 USD per month (about GBP £6,150).

There is more on licensing from Microsoft here:

To finish as we began, the Microsoft Fabric Pricing numbers are hard to ascertain without an understanding of what type of workload you will be putting though your Fabric tenant, and some understanding of the expert services you’ll be needing to get your data in, modelled, cleaned and ready for use.

Please ask your Comset account manager for more support with this.