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Introduction to Microsoft Fabric

Microsoft Power BI has been leading the BI and reporting market, since its introduction in 2017 and become something of an Industry standard.  However like any desktop application it sometimes suffers from fragmented use, with lots of people in an Organization preparing and storing their own data, and creating similar but slightly different reports.

To make Power BI a truly enterprise-grade application there needed to be strong governance and quality control over the data that goes into it.

At the same time organizations all over the world are needing more unified and better-governed data so that they can take advantage of the leaps forward in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

So Microsoft Fabric was born, announced in May 2023 and planned for general release by the end of 2023, it combines in a single game-changing SAAS platform, both Power BI and all the other tools required to get your data in order for AI, BI, reporting, dashboards and machine learning.

Fabric Experiences:

Fabric is ordered into different job roles, so its “experiences” are:

  • For Data Analysts and reporting – Power BI
  • For Data Engineers – Synapse Data Engineering
  • For Sata Scientists – Synapse Data Science
  • For Database specialists – Synapse Data warehouse

All of these sit on top of a single “One Lake” data-lake.  Here all your Organizational data is drawn together from its diverse sources, is made ready for use, cleaned, modelled and queried, and security and controls are applied to keep your organizational data safe.

Fabric is intended to be a game changer in data, and opens the door for you and I to start running meaningful machine learning on our own data.   

Microsoft people say:

  • There’s not been so much excitement over a data product at Microsoft since the launch of SQL Server.
  • Current AI innovations are changing the way we interact with our computers more than anything since the innovation of the Windows GUI and Mouse in 1985.
  • AI is changing business at a faster rate since the industrial revolution.

Whether we believe all of this or not, perhaps it remains to be seen, but Fabric is clearly a game changer and defines the way we’ll all be working with data, and starting to use AI and Machine learning, for the coming 10 or 20 years.

Please read and enjoy our articles about the main elements of Fabric, and remember to call our team if you’d like help making sense of it all.

To the Future!
The Comset team.