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microsoft fabric security guide

Security is Microsoft Fabric is multi-faceted, as you would expect from a product which is aimed at storing and processing all of your critical organizational data.

Breaking down Microsoft Fabric security into the following areas Microsoft have gone to a level of detail which will be attractive to responsible IT Departments. It is also notable that some of the techniques that we use when securing specific data within reports, for example Row Level Security and Column level Security, have barely been mentioned. So there is an even greater level of granular security that can be applied to your data than covered by this Whitepaper.


  • Fabric Platform Architecture, Network Security
  • Workload Specific Security: Power BI – On Premises Data Gateway
  • Data Storage and Handling, Data in Transit, Secure Data
  • Governing Data: Purview – Monitoring Hub
  • Administration, Reliability in MS Fabric, Fabric End to End Scenario, Common Security Scenarios

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