SAP Data Unleashed – an invitation for our SAP customers

SAP Data Unleashed Webinar

SAP have announced a 60-minute webinar for March 6th entitled “SAP Data Unleashed 2024” to which we’re delighted to be able to invite our SAP customers, as well as others interested in the topic.   It is focused on making best use of your Organizational Data using SAP Data and Analytics – both of which are Comset specialist areas.

The event deals with applying data-innovations such as Data Fabric, Data Mesh, and SAP Datasphere.

Here’s SAP’s introduction

Data is the most critical asset in the new age of AI and is the lifeblood of companies in today’s digital world. In early 2023, SAP and our open data partners introduced the business data fabric architecture, enabling organizations to deliver meaningful data to every data consumer – with business context and logic intact. This innovative approach to managing and connecting data enables you to access insights wherever your data resides.

Join us at SAP Data Unleashed 2024 for a 60-minute virtual event to learn how to bring out your best in data, AI, and planning.

  • Hear directly from customers benefiting from a business data fabric
  • Discover new data and generative AI capabilities that are revolutionizing planning and analysis
  • Get updates on the powerful open data ecosystem around the SAP Datasphere solution
Panelists at the SAP Data Unleashed Webinar in 2023
Panelists at the SAP Data Unleashed Webinar in 2023

The all-star line up of speakers at SAP Data Unleashed:

  • Julia White – Chief Marketing and Solutions Officer (SAP)
  • Juergen Mueller – CTO (SAP)
  • Dominik Asam – CFO (SAP)
  • Eduard Spitz – CIO (Hugo Boss)
  • Matthias Reichart – VP IT & Analytics (Hugo Boss)
  • Florian Bankoley – EVP Business Solutions (Bosch Digital)
  • Felix van de Maele – CEO (Collibra)

Delivery time in the UK will be at 4pm.

In terms of who should attend, SAP say: “Anyone is welcome to attend the event. Our primary audience includes data, analytics, finance, planning and analysis leaders and practitioners.”

If you’d like to register please visit the registration page: